Monday, October 18, 2010

Happylands Report

As per her request, the Prime Minister humbly offers this report to Her Royal Highness the Princess Treasure:

Two Shabbats ago, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo and I gained your generous last-minute permission by Expeditious Order #53 to tour the boundaries between the West Allis Alliance and Happylands.  I am happy to report that it must have been a very good summer in Happylands as it looks as is the fall harvest will be bountiful. 

While they did not photograph well, there were many baby fish in the lake.  Seeds abounded, particularly milkweed, so important to the butterflies; hopefully there will be a population boom of them next year to entertain Your Highness. 

The Prime Minister also hopes and suspects that she saw a sandhill crane couple with two almost-grown chicks.  Traditionally, if two chicks are born to a couple, only one survives.  However, as evidenced by the photo to follow, it looks as if Ringo may have been able to treaty with a family of four.

/s/ Neora Warmlapp
Prime Minister
Realm of Capitol Drive.

1 comment:

  1. Huzzah! And much happiness abounds in the Land at such solicitous news. Queen Miss Catt has also noticed in recent times an abundance of milkweed and butterflies and is looking forward to her Stewardship once again in safeguarding these Spring and Summer jewels. Perhaps when Queen Miss Catt might perhaps travel to the Lands Far North, she will bring a token flying gem for HRH Princess Treasure, Queen Bea (Emeritus) and Princess Coco.

    If she is unable to travel herself to the Lands Far North, she will perhaps send her Ambassador once again. HRH Treasure knows him well as Agent Blackjack. The Queen Miss Catt has recognized him for his excellence and has since granted him the title of Ambassador.

    PM, in confidence for: Queen Miss Catt