Monday, October 18, 2010

From HRH's Counsel

September 16

From the Princess' Counsel

Having been summoned by Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo at your urgent behest, we are humbled yet pleased to be of service to Your Majesty.  It is our understanding that you most wisely want to adopt an heir to the Kingdom of Capitol Drive and so offer the following draft of adoption papers for the Most Adorable Princess  Coco:
'Wherein the Most Adorable Princess Coco has matured into the role of a most regal yet beneficent Governor of her domain, managing said properties well as agent for the Queen Miss Catt and
Wherein HRH the Princess Treasure has undergone The Traumatic Event most dreaded by all of the feline species and is therefore forced to look afield for an heir and
Wherein it is believed than an relationship would foster the alliances between HRH and the Queen, as well as those of the Queen Bea (Emeritus) and
It is thought that the adoption of Princess Coco as successor to HRH the Princess Treasure would be of mutual benefit,
HRH the Princess Treasure sends her highest regards to the Princess Coco, offering her all rights and reponsibilities commiserate with such position.  As proof of her good will and sincerity, the Princess Treasure sends with her most trusted representative, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo, the opalescent moonstone collar as a token of her regard.'
/ss/Esquire Blinkytoes, Cattorney at Law.

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  1. Upon opening the gift from HRH Princess Treasure, the soft purrs of Queen Miss Catt and the Adorable Princess Coco are heard in the inner chamber at the unveiling of the glorious and magnificent most valuable of all Moonstones, the Opalescent Moonstone, collar.

    Princess Coco invited the Queen Miss Catt's own PM to clasp the shimmering cool and elegant collar about her sweet neck. That having been done, the Princess did send her humble acceptance to HRH Treasure, and she shall, as stated in the dispatch meet with Queen Bea (Emeritus) and HRH Princess Treasure.