Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A unsettling event

After missing it yesterday, I went out to survey the castleyard this morning. I had checked in with the cranky squirrel and was waiting for the neighborhood rabbit for a good gossip.

I thought  I noticed the friend and ally Agent Blackjack approaching.  Thinking he was here representing the Queen Miss Catt, I awaited his arrival so as to honor him with a private greeting.  When he was within a few yards, I realized that this was not the dependable Blackjack who has been of such assistance in the past, but a dastardly counteragent from West Allis who had agreed to attempt to gain my affections and learn the intricate secrets of my security system.   And the traitor was doing this while in  the pay of rascally DOGS!  This is treasonous anywhere in the feline world and punishable by death.

I sit and contemplate his sentence.


  1. I hope he was not parading in similar furs as my Agent Blackjack?? That would indeed be treasonous! I shan't countenance such a thing were I HRH Princess!

    Queen Miss Catt

  2. Indeed he was! That is why I am taking extra time to contemplate his fate! Princess Treasure.