Friday, March 1, 2013

Frantic February finally over!  That was a month of mishaps and mayhem.  I haven't even discussed them all with you, kittehs!

Hopefully the new month, with the arrival of spring, will be calmer.  The PM is receiving some extra financial advice from Sir Knight Errant Honder to ensure that the fundraising and budgeting goes smoothly.  We are hoping that the worst of the snow is behind us.  The PM is also having Penny the Miracle Worker come over and help get the castle back into an appropriate shape for a princess, as the PM has not felt up to it over the winter.  That should happen on Wednesday.

The PM is so silly; her work was called off on Wednesday due to bad snows, so what does she do?  Go to the lakefront and take pictures of seagulls in the blizzard!


  1. The PM should have realized that work being called off was to help keep peoples off the roads!

    Purring for a calm March there.