Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Excitement, dismay and confusion

Certainly not the way a Princess of the Sphynx Clan likes her Realm to be run!  Not at all!

Things started going downhill when the TV broke!  One Monday morning a couple of weeks ago, the PM went to turn it on as she always does to get the weather report.  It blinked a green blink and that was it!  It was dedded!

The PM depended on the TV more than she knows to keep her going and organized; she uses it as a cue for whatever she does around the house.  So, she doesn't know when to come or go or anything.  She's left early for work and late for work.  She's come home early and late.  She feeds me at different times.  It's a mess.

To top it all off, now that she doesn't have the TV to stare at, she's constantly on her 'tablet' computer reading or playing games.  Then I don't get as many pets as I would when there was a TV.

The PM's brother, Sir Knight Errant Honder, stated he may be able to help with the problem; they have been thinking about replacing one of their's and may provide it to us for our use.  If not, I will have to put my paw down and insist she go shopping for a new one!

Thursday, the PM got a call that a human vet could see her Friday about her teeth; she got 9 (count them, 9!) pulled Friday morning.  They gave her 'laughing gas' (would have liked to see that!) and later she had valium and oxycodone to take.  I had to dig out my nurses hat and check on her regularly!  I was tired afterwards!

Next week, we will have someone come and do a spring cleaning of the house to get rid of cobwebs and my furs where they collect all over the place.  Yay!

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