Thursday, March 28, 2013

Attention! Attention!

All hands on deck for final inspection!  (Do I sound like our dear Admiral?)

Actually, we are somewhat getting ready for the visit of The Most Perfect Sisters in The World and their parents.  Not as much as we normally would, but the PM is again having a rough week.  Her blood pressure is not as stable as it normally is, going up for short periods of time and leaving her very tired.

However, the itinerary is set.  They will arrive in the afternoon on Saturday. The PM, Ringo and family will visit a desert, a rainforest and a temperate zone forest on Saturday afternoon,  have dinner and go swimming.

On Sunday, after breakfast, they will visit a butterfly mansion.  It is said the butterflies are so friendly, they have been known to sit on people's fingers and noses.  The PM is curious to see if that will happen during their visit.  I am too.  Of course, who knows what I would do if a butterfly landed on my nose!

--excerpt from diary of Princess Treasure


  1. Oh we do hope the butterflies cooperate! Mom went to a Butterfly House once and it was amazing. Have a very good visit!

  2. Mommy said she never forgot the Butterfly House at Audobon Zoo in N.O. It was wonderous.