Monday, February 4, 2013

Let it Snow!

Today we woke up to snow having fallen overnight and it has continued snowing most of the day.  They say it will continue to snow tonight as well.  Snowflakes all over the place!

I really don't care one way or another; when I see snow on the ground, I just snuggle in for a nap.  Unfortunately the poor PM must continue fund raising and be out in the nasty stuffs.  Sometimes, crazy human that she is, she goes out in it when she does not have to.

Snow usually means it is cold outside.  One day last week, the PM ran to the car in the morning to go to work; she was not wearing a coat.  She thought something was wrong with her defrost because it was taking forever to melt the frost on the window.  She finally pulled over to wait for it; suddenly, the defrost kicked in and it was melting everything!

The PM has to walk two blocks from parking to office and noticed how nippy the tips of her fingers and nose felt.  When she got to the office and was talking with her supervisor, it turned out it was '25 below with the windchill' and here she was running around without a coat on.  (Although, she does say that she wore her coat from the parking lot to the we believe her?)

Today, someone in the office was selling handmade woolen mittens for a worthy cause and she bought a pair.  Hopefully she won't lose them like she did the last pair at $25/per......

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