Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Post trip

The PM (aka Mommeh) and I have done some serious cuddling since she got back.  She gets home, out of her clothes and then we're in the recliner unless I take a quick peek outside.

Our neighbors were nice.  PM gave them the keys to her place and they checked on me a couple of times.  They made sure the a/c blew the right temperature and everything.  PM was disappointed that Dobby and the house elves did not visit, but I do not think she really expected them.

She and Ringo told me they went by the Sun Studios and Graceland in Memphis, as well as the Peabody--it has parading ducks--and the local hangout of the Green Bay Packers.  She said she liked the route she took. 

I'm just glad she's home and things are back to normal.

1 comment:

  1. YOu must have missed the PM terribly. I wonder if you have an Ess or a tunnel in which you can teleport over to one of our houses and stay with us?