Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hot! Hot!

We have, with most of the country, been experiencing severe heat this past week.  While both the Princess and myself have at times triumphed over the heat without an air conditioner, the PM finds herself using it more and more often as we both ripen into a lovely maturity.  In fact, I have been leaving it on during the day when I am at fundraising so that the Princess does not become stressed by the heat. 

She still insists on going out, but luckily we limit that mostly to the relatively cool AMs and the occasional late evenings after the sun has started setting.  So far, we haven't had any problems.  We keep our fingers and paws crossed for everyone else to handle the heat successfully.  And kitties, humans can also get really sick and die from the heat, so keep an eye on them!


  1. We are fortunately enough north of this incredible heat only to have been in the 90s. We cannot imagine temps like 107 and 110. Just unbelievable. And the poor people and animals without power in it all. Keep well and cool yourselves!

  2. It has been so hot here that mom only goes out and gets things done before noon if she's able. I hope the 100's break soon.