Monday, June 27, 2011

What can I say?

So far the PM is having a stressful yet boring summer; a killer combination for her.  On the plus side she has started doing some artwork again and she has been so bored, she has actually been cleaning and re-organizing.  This has included loading about 2000 pics onto her computer and editing out the bad ones, organizing art supplies, making some substrate for collage or other artwork.  It means, though, that she is also too restless to cuddle.

 I am hoping this will settle down soon.  The cuddles we have are good and she's been letting me out so survey the royal courtyard again.  (She actually believed me when I promised to stop playing with the peons like chipmunks==MOL!)  She's also been  bringing me more treats like lemon yogurt tonight and there might be a jar of Gerber's somewhere.

It looks like others are having exciting summers comparatively and I am glad for you all--that is, excepting the Admiral and her mom.  We send them prayers and purrs every day.

Ciao for now....


  1. ha ha - guess your oooman is too busy to help you. Now that shehas her pictures sorted through, maybe she would like to start on ours.

  2. Lemon yogurt? Hmmmm. I dunno bout **that**, MOL! The Gerber's sounds tasty though! My Human's summer has been kinda boring so far. Sigh. I wish she's find more to do and get outta my face with the flashy box!