Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It looks like we are finally having summertime in our neck of the woods; or at least it did yesterday.  Today and tomorrow will be in the 90s, but then Thursday and Friday are supposed to be in the 50s or 60s.  It's very confusing.  The PM is unsure if it's time to pack up her warm clothing.  She finally turned off the heater last night.

The programming is better on the bird and squirrel channels, which is one nice thing about the warm weather. 

Outside of my morning circuit around the courtyard, I have been taking it easy.  This is a good time of year to do it; many vacations going on, so diplomatic efforts are limited.  I am planning another soiree in the near future and want to make sure that everyone--that includes you, Admiral--know they are welcome.  In fact, bring a friend! 

If anyone thinks we are being a snob, don't worry, we're not.  It's just that the PM is having extreme difficulties with commenting.  So, Spitty, no, you are not booleeemick; humans just don't realize the benefit of purifying the internal systems.  As obsessive as they are about external purification, you think they would learn from our example.

Admiral, we are so happy you are gaining weight and feeling more frisky. 

Mario, I am sure Lille will remember forever the love you showed to him before he left for Alaska.

Simba, do you want me to set you up with Miss Catt?  Just because I'm a virgin princess, that doesn't mean no one else can have fun....

And Daisy!  Your pretty hat!  what a wonder to behold!


  1. Oh good - you haven't disappeared. Oh - I don't mean because you can't comment presently, but because you didn't post a blog lately. he he - for what it's worth - it's hOT here too in a state that normally doesn't see weather like this. Don't worry about comments - it's happened to us too.

  2. You know what? For the longest time (maybe 6 -8 months ago for many weeks) we had SO much trouble commenting. We sort of could, but seriously it took like 20 minutes for the comment box to appear and then more and more minutes for the word verification -- it was a nightmare and my Human almost gave up. And then, one day, it was pretty much all fine again.

    We still have trouble with certain blogs that are unbelievably slow to load--Cat Chat, Mr. Puddy, Pisi & Squeak & a few others. We can't figure out why those are different from all the others. And they're not quite as bad as the ones were back when we had so much trouble.

    Anyway, we understand about comment troubles! Glad your are getting some summer!