Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Big Game Huntress!

This is the latest of her many names and accolades that the Princess has collected.  She has caught 4 teenage rabbits this summer and killed three of them.  Rabbits are much bigger than the rodents and birds she has caught in the past and she is justifiably proud of herself.

She is a bit upset with me, the PM, right now, because I recently was informed that cats and rabbits are mortal enemies.  A fundraising friend of the PM's notes that she has witnessed a rabbit eviscerate a cat with its back paws.  I am afraid now to let the Princess out.  The Princess of course, believes she is invincible.

Over the summer, SAS Ringo and I have had many adventures.  Remember this barn?

Do you see the sneaky little surprise between the trees on the silo?  Look closely!

Nasty spiders!  These were too big and too many for me to handle!  Ringo began donning his spider-fighting gear when I finally got it through my head that these were pretend spiders, not real one.  Panic attack over!
Along the way, we have had our usual friendly encounters with songbirds, birds of prey, cranes, deer and, new this year, damselflies and frogs.  We will try to introduce you to some in the near future!


  1. TEENAGE rabbits? That is some catch. Our Rusty (now at the Rainbow Bridge) had a taste for young bunnies from the nests. And chipmunks. But not bigger rabbits.

  2. Oh My! Rabbitz & Spiderz ...... dat sure soundz exotic! ^..^ all we getz iz squirrelz & chipmunkz .... da spiderz look a little scarie being so ..... BIG! Glad to find that they were fake *WHEW*........ ♥xoxoxo♥