Friday, June 21, 2013

The Princess engages in a piece of gossip....

The Princess was overheard discreetly gossiping with the Queen Bea (Emeritus).  She noted that 'the Mommeh had dedded a spider at work'.  They were both pleasingly amazed at this development as the Mommeh is known to cringe at the sight of spiders and to not be able to move to escape them.

The Princess did clarify that the attack was not hand-to-hand combat or smackdown.  Rather, the Mommeh squirted the spider with cheap perfume and it dropped like a rock!


  1. Ha ha ha. If there's anything to be dedded around here, I usually have to do it myself. I am not too fond of insect corpses, though, so The Human often finds little carcasses lying about hither and yon.

    Have a Wonderful Holiday, Princess (though as royals, we probably should not be celebrating that whole revolution thing. Hmmmm). XOXOXO

  2. No dedding of our butterflies when they emerge, okay?

  3. Princess Treasure! TODAY is Trixie of the J-Cats birfday!