Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recent Diplomatic Sorties

As has been announced previously, the PM and SAS Ringo have been making many junkets into the countryside and have made contact with many different species of animals and birds, including deer, cranes, herons, egrets and turkeys.  They have also had much contact with cricket-type, 'jumpy' bugs. 

The cranes, ever vigilant and with an expansive senses of time compared to other species, have begun to accept their presence, sometimes dancing and calling for them.

This past weekend, they went out with Princess Coco the Most Adorable.  While out, they received a last minute invitation to observe a Council of the Crane Elders; approximately 20 cranes meeting about issues of state.  All three were allowed to stay in this august presence for approximately 10 minutes human time.  All three were naturally awestruck to be in the presence of such ancient knowledge as is held by this oldest living species of life as we know it. 

After returning to The Annex, Princess Treasure contemplated their reports.  In return, she has sent offerings of hunting rights to The Realm; as cranes are omniverous, they do have an appetite for small game in common with felines.

All in the Realm await their reply with baited breath.

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