Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Princess Coco the Most Adorable, Scientist

Yes, we have had word from our adorable Princess and Heir, Coco.  She is, as always, full of exciting news for the Realm and its allies.

Most recently, she is adding the moniker 'scientist' to the list, which already includes Heir to the Throne and Chief Petticoat Officer of the USS Extra Helping.

She notes that she had been contemplating the difficulty some kitties have in escaping the overprotective clutches of their humans and how that can interfere with our many important plans.  To circumvent same humans, she has adapted the tunnel travel mechanism so that it leaves an opaque,  holographic image of the travelling kitty behind for the human's comfort.  She has beta tested it on mice, voles and sparrows to date with 100% effectiveness.

Think of the implications!  More frequent trips on the Extra Helpings! Higher attendance at Realm social events!  Calmer human attendants!  Who will be the first to give it a try?

1 comment:

  1. This is really very exciting. Not sure yet, though, whether we want to be the first cats to have this method tried on us! But keep us posted.