Monday, August 6, 2012

Ringo's biography

Little is known about Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo's childhood and early life.

The PM met Ringo the Racoon  the night she went to vote in the last Presidential elections.  Ringo was cunningly posed on top a parking meter; when he was still there a couple of hours later, the PM took him home and introduced him to the Princess.

Ringo related that he was skilled at acrobatics and had run away from his family in the woods to join the circus.  However, he had not been able to catch up with any of the circusses as they came through town and was unsure if he really wanted to any more.

Ringo at first served as Scout.  His first job was to help develop disaster planning; it was hoped the use of the dreaded automobile could be prevented by proper planning.  While this did not work out, as he worked with the PM on planning, she noted his skills at interacting with individuals from a variety of species and backgrounds.  He also was very sharp at noting environmental issues and navigated well.  Due to his talent at same, he was promoted to Sir Scout Ringo.

Later, the Princess decided he should be offered an ambassadorship.  Ringo then made the epic journey to Utah to treaty with Lady Scamper and Sir George (Ret) of the equine species.  The mission was successful; Ringo even survived encounters with wolves and scorpions; such adventures have become the stuff of legend.

Since that time, Ringo has served as primary diplomatic liason to the Realm of Capital Drive.  He goes out on all reconnaisance missions and treaty negotiations with the PM or individually, as ordered by the Princess.


  1. Indeed. Admiral followed his progress from MSN Live Spaces days. He has traveled far and accomplished much.

  2. Well! This is an intriguing history. Sir Spitfire is baffled and would appreciate a personal audience with Ambassador Ringo to discuss diplomatic relations with Utah. As a San Franciscan, Spitty is not on good terms with his Utahan (Utahian? Utahist?) brethren.