Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lazy Day

We had a very lazy day today; the first one in quite a while what with trips to MS and photography outings by the PM and Ringo.  The Mommeh basically stayed in her chair all day, except for when she took a nap in bed.  Oh, well, better than being abandoned during diplomatic sorties.

The PM and Ringo do report a lot of diplomatic negotiations with various birds.  They say that some birds are my sized and I would really enjoy them.  They say others are big enough to eat me.  I'd just as soon leave any diplomacy up to them if that is the case!

Here is one they think I would like:

They tell me they don't think I would like this one; they also worry it would carry me away:

It does look pretty fierce.  But I think the first one may make a good 'pet', don't you?  After all, Daisy and Harley have Bert and Ernie.....


  1. Those birds are very interesting. Our human Dad is quite a bird lover and we think he spends more on bird suet, suet, and peanuts for the woodpeckers than he spends on our fuds. Harrumph! Like that little yellow one.

    Sorry we didn't comment on your post about Ringo. The Mom person got very busy with the grandchild since her Mamma has gone back to work.

  2. That yellow one is pretty! I pretty much ignore Bert & Ernie but Harley is still obsessed with them.

  3. I think that goldfinch would beg to differ if he were in the house as your pet. He would see the drool forming while you looked at him. (they ARE for eating, right?)

  4. I bet that yellow one is full of lemony goodness! I'd love a tasty morsel.