Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Bittersweet Loss

It is with great sadness that all denizens receive the news that Admiral Hestorb has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Admiral Hestorb was one of the earliest allies of the Realm. Her Navy was frequently made available to our Realm for transportation or military maneuvers. Who could forget the river ride she piloted last summer or the luxurious quarters she provided to all those attending the Royal Adoption?

During a Memorial Service held yesterday, General Boopsie Bear commended the Admiral for her military genious in combatting the Acorn Liberation Front in her own backyard. He noted that the Admiral had an innate genious for land maneuvers as well as oceanic.

Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo reminded the citizens of the Admiral's role in fostering Princess Coco the Adorable's adoption by Princess Treasure. He also spoke admiringly of Hestorb's innate dignity and courtesy in matters of state.

Sir Spitfire reminesced about Hestorb, the bawdy sailor with whom he shared many good naps and nips.

Princess Coco recalled the tutalage provided to her by the Admiral before she assumed her governorship and, later, before her adoption, expressing gratitude for the wisdom passed on to her.

PM Neora Warmlapp offered condolences to the Admiral's able assistant and Mommeh, Carole Catsitter, without whom the Admiral could not have accomplished as much as she had. She also offered insight into the emotional process humans go through when helping a kitty to travel over the rainbow bridge. Audible sobs and sniffs echoed through the realm and all sent purrs or chirps of love to Carole.

Finally, Princess Treasure, visibly moved at the loss of her ally and friend, pronounced Tuesday, eruv Hannukah, to be a day of remembrance for Hestorb; all flags will fly at half-mast and the menorah candles will be dedicated to you.

Admiral will also be named 'a lion of the veldt', the highest award offered by the Sphinx clan to non-Jewish kitties, and her history will be recorded in the History of the Realm.


  1. It was, indeed, one of the saddest days, the day Admiral Hestorb left us all to go to the Rainbow Bridge. The honor you have bestowed upon her as a Lion of the Veldt is very fitting. We are sure assistant and Mommeh Carole will gratefully accept the honor on the Admiral's behalf.

  2. Yes, We are All still furry furry Sad at the loss ov owr Admiral.:((((( She loved us All and waz loved by All. Your Farewell Tribute waz furry Beautiful and befitting. And the honor you have bestowed upon her as Simba said, iz furry fitting :) ^..^ We sure mom Carole be furry Proud & Honored to accept on Miss Admiral'z behalf ^..^

  3. I am sorry I did not see this till now. It is a beautiful and fitting tribute to the Finest Lady of the High Seas, our Admiral. I miss her efurry day, but I still whispers sweetly to her across the Bridge and I think she hears me and smiles and purrs back to me. XOXOXO to all

  4. Princess Treasure and PM, Mommy is deeply grateful for the honor on my behalf as well as for her own self what with realizing this treasured Title. To be awarded Lion of the Veldt is an honor of the greatest measure. As Mommy, I accept on her behalf and she will know about it as I feel she is still with me. I will tell her but I feel she is already aware.

    Thank you so much. She will send another ambassador soon I feel. She will cause introductions to all of the elite and political allies and Rulers as in HRH Princess Treasure and Princess Coco.

    With deep appreciation, I am

    Mommy PM