Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Beneficent Mistress

So I designate myself after giving the Prime Minister some time off this weekend. The first was for a sleep study. She had increasing problems with fatigue and her MDs wanted to have her air pressure checked on her breathing machine before they prescribe anything. She said she slept well, but how could she when I was not cuddling with her? That was the 24th and 25th.

Then, yesterday she had the day off. I allowed her time to prepare a present for one of her friends in the office. That person is leaving for a new job with a very small agency that has an even smaller budget. A bunch of people agreed to buy things for her desk or office supplies in order to get her off to a good start. They gave them to the friend today. There will be more gifts later in the week from others as the friend gets ready to leave on Friday.

The Prime Minister found an old bulliten board and re-covered it with some coordinating fabric and trims. It was the first time she used a staple gun, which was harder that she thought. It was kind of funny to watch her. She also said that hammering brass tacks was harder than she expected it to be.

She also went to a dollar store and a resale shop for other things. She found a green muffin tin and a ruler that she painted daisies on to personalize them. She found a holder for some notepads someone else was giving her. And a tote bag for it all that had the American Flag on it. Since the friend's son is in the Marines, the friend especially appreciates things with the flag on it.

The PM enjoys doing this kind of thing and it's a good Jewish thing to do, so I usually let her do them when she wants.


  1. Happy Hanukkah (Chanukkah?) dear Princess Treasure and P.M.

    Those things sound like wonderful gifts for the lady who is starting the new job--she is taking a little of her friends with her!

  2. We wish the office friend well, but if said friend needs sticky notes as a gift for her new job, we suspect her new company is not long for this world.

    Chappy Chanukkah, all.

  3. It's me, Katie...Kathryn Isabella, sisfur to Admiral Hestorb.