Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mighty Huntress!

The PM has been slacking off lately; ever since I gobbled up my treats, she has not bothered to replace them.  (She states she's tried, but hasn't had any luck in the stores.  Hmph!  Treats are not that rare!)

So, I showed her.  She left the door ajar last evening so I could go inside and out while she was 'reading'.  Well, she was 'reading' really hard, snoring and everything!

So, I figure she's recently into bones and dedded stuff, and not giving me treats, I'll show her.  I caught a rabbit and brought it inside.  I left it for her where she gives me treats.  She was surprised this morning when she found it and not too happy about having to take the garbage out before work.

She was also surprised I got it inside the house as I had to haul it up two steps and it was half my size.

That'll teach her!


  1. Princess are a girl after our own Robin's heart. She too was a mighty huntress and brought lots of food to the table for us. A LOT. Many times. LOTS!

  2. I am glad to get here again. When mommy and I tried a few days ago..nothing happened. Whew.

  3. Ah, my sweet Princess, the Mighty Huntress! I was so pleased to see you today--it has been a long time since last we spoke. I am happy to read of your fine trophy, and think secretly your PM must have been impressed with your skills.

    Perhaps in the summer we will have a fine adventure again?
    XOXOXOXO Sir Spitfire, your devoted subject