Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Hanukat!

Princess Treasure was very excited!  Hanukah is her favorite holiday!  When she was about 6 years old, the Prime Minister lit a menorah for the first time and Princess Treasure was able to show the PM how much she loved the candlelight and blessings. 

'Menorah' is a Hebrew name among humans for the seven-branched candleabra used in the Temple.  The ones used for Hanukah are called 'hanukiah' (singular) or 'hanukiot' (plural).  However, the Royal Menorah is a Hanukat:

In real life it is purple with a pink polka-dotted bowtie.

Messengers had been sent out earlier to all friends and allies of the Realm; accompanying the invitations were the initial batch of contraptions that can connect to either an ess or a tunnel.  Her invitations went out later than she expected, so she hoped that some kitties who may not otherwise be able to come would utilize the contraption so they can leave their holographic image and not worry their humans.

Princess Treasure had prepared a special menu of delightful tidbits with the help of the chef:  Mouse sausage biscuits with green pea gravy, pickled hummingbird tongues, sauted filet of minnows were all carefully being plated at this moment.  With catnip tea and whipped cream for dessert, she hoped her guests would be content.

Princess Coco the Most Adorable arrived the day before in order to help decorate.  She had prepared Stars of David woven from dried catmint and hung a garland of them around the archway between the living room and kitchen.  Quartermaster Scruffy helped by driving in the nails needed.

Ringo had helped make little gifts for everyone and was certain he had hit on a winner.  More of that later.

General Boopsie Bear had a big responsibility.  He had to accompany his cousin Hannah the Hannukah Bear from Israel to the Realm.  Hannah is an essential part of any animal's Hannukah celebration and arrangements had been made for her personal appearance months earlier.

The PM had set up all the menorahs in the Castle so that any kitty who may want a chance to light a menorah could.  She also ensured there were enough candles available as each menorah needs 9 candles on the last night.  There is one candle for each night and a helper candle, called a shamash, who lights the others.  That can add up to a lot of candles!

Sunset had arrived and three stars were present in the sky.  Before the celebration could begin, all members of the household gathered for havdalah to usher out the Shabbat Queen.  Only then could any other candles be lit.

Swoosh, zing!  Kitties started arriving!  First was Sir  Simba and Lady Audrey, each looking festive in blue sequined sashes.  After the obligatory curtsey to the Princesses, they trotted off to inspect the Hannukat.  Sir Spitfire  soon zipped up in his Furrari, dashing and daredevilish as ever in his red knight accoutrement.  Daisy arrived wearing a kippah (yarmulke) embroidered with candles and Harley wore a silver collar that reflected all the colors around him.  Mario arrived in his customary bowtie and Dante was bundled up in his deer costume...he needed the warmth, coming from way up north of the Realm.  Countess Katie Isabella was resplendent in emerald green.

At the same time, the rest of the castle household was gathering to welcome the arrivals.  Quartermaster Scruffy took coats while the PM offered catnip tea. Ringo gathered everyone in the living room in time for Mario to sing 'I have a little driedl'. 

Suddenly all the light were extinguished and a gasp was heard!  Several suspenseful seconds later, the General arrived, cousin Hannah on his arm.  Hannah carried the 'master shamash', lit in Israel.  This is very important, as animals do not have opposable thumbs and cannot light a match in one hand to start a candle burning in the other.  However, they can hold one candle between their paws and light it from the master.  Each cat approached with their own shamash and as each was lit, they lined up before their chosen menorah.

Princess Coco then led the assembly in the traditional blessings.  Each cat lifted its candle and lit the 8 candles on their menorah.  Everyone stepped back for a few minutes, watching the warm glow of the gathered menorahs, an entrancing sight.

After everyone had passed through the buffet, and appetites were satisfied, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo presented the gifts of catnip wine he had made earlier in the year.  This clever gentleman actually found little cat-shaped bottles for the presentation!

At this point, the musicians began to play and everyone engaged in the figure 8 minuet.  Time stood still for all the happy cats until it was time to Swoosh back home.


  1. What a beautifuk and glorious and celebratory time they have had. I might add, green is my color.

    I loved the feast that was prepared with such care and delicacy. Everyone including myself had a fabulous time and the lighting of the candles was special enough to remember all our nine lives.

  2. Lady Audrey and I had a wonderful time at our first Hanukah celebration. The buffet was the finest we have had, the catnip wine bottle gifts will be treasured for a long time, and we did so enjoy the ceremony of lighting our Hannukats. Thank you for your wonderful hopsitality, Princess Treasure and Princess Coco.

  3. I hoped you would love my attire. It set off my eyes.


  4. Oh my! It was a delightful and memorable occasion! I loved the Hanukat, even though my efforts to make him purr were unsuccessful. So nice of the Princess to explain to me.

    We wish you the most joyous of Mew Years, sweet furiends! XOXOXO