Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

It may be that a new wind is blowing through the Realm.  The Prime Minister has seen her special MD and he has changed her medication.  She got the new pills yesterday and already feels better.  She has  used these pills in the past and they helped then, so we both believe they will help now.

And there is so much to do!  We have not officially welcomed Miss Katie Isabella yet.  And Sir Spitfire needs monitoring.  Diplomatic relations need to be refreshed.  And, do we want to enlarge the Royal Court? 

It's amazing what a little seratonin will do to a human!


  1. This is indeed such very good news. We will have paws crossed for continued improvement in serotonin levels! A Spring Fling at the Court is in order in due course!

  2. Oh hurray! We'z so happy to hear from you, and verreh pleased to hear that the PM's Personal Physician has been of use. So often they is not, sigh.

    Well, yes, onto the King dealio. Spitty had complained on Glogirly's blog about the appalling lack of tiaras for ManCats. One day (January 20 of this very year, as a matter of fact), I received the following email from the Gracious Glorgirly and her Mistress, Katie the Kitty:

    Master Spitty,
    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I understand your plight. Tiaras are just not manly enough for one as handsome as you. Please accept this gift as a token of my admiration.
    Killer Queen

    The graphic that accompanied this missive may be viewed on the sidebar of my blog.

    I thought to myself, Well, no one else has stepped up to claim the title for himself, so why not me? After all, I was already a Knight of the Realm, so it didn't seem like so great a leap!

    And this, the King was born. I've enjoyed being King for the past few months, but am willing to negotiate with the Princess if objections are raised.

    In any case: A spring fling is in order AND I think we should definitely consider enlarging the Royal Court!

    XOXOXOXO, Spitty R

  3. Hello my Princess and PM: Hope you are both having a delightful Caturday! Hope all continues to go well in the Realm XOXOXO

  4. Here I am, Countess Kathryn Isabella, at your service.