Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The Prime Minister here; I want to apologize for my lack of communication over the winter.

I have been treated for depression for about 5 years after a severe episode. My psychiatrist and I had found a good med combination of two pills; celexa at 60mg daily and wellbutrin. Last year, the FDA came out with a recomendation that people not take more than 40 mg of celexa day. My psychiatrist accordingly reduced my dose.

Since then, in addition to the fall and respiratory infection, I have been struggling with increased depressive symptoms and fibromyalgia pain/fatigue. While I am in no danger of doing something I should not, I have having increasing difficulty taking care of my minimum requirements at my job and maintaining my household.

Another thing that happens is that my creative voice gets gagged. I have had several ideas for storylines, but cannot get them down. I am not painting and doing assemblages, etc. I am not going out as much. Those of you who know how much Judaism and my congregation mean to me will realize how bad this is when I say I have not been to synagogue since the High Holidays back in September.

So, know that I continue to follow all of the blogs of beings I have come to know and love. But responding and posting is overwhelming right now and may remain so until I can find a new regime with my doctor. Thank you for your patience and hopefully I will be back soon.


  1. Neora, I think and hope that you know I care deeply about how you are and what is going on with you. I wish there was a practical way to help but I know there is not. But I can and will wait for you to feel well enough to return and I think you for letting me and others know what's going on with you.

    The Admiral can't sail over there any longer but Katie will transport over and chat with HRH Princess Treasure so that she can get into the family.

  2. We are thinking of you and sending encouraging thoughts. We hope things improve soon. We are familiar with a family member who has similar struggles so we can relate somewhat. Take good care of yourself. Can they consider letting you increase the Celexa again?

    Simba's Mom

  3. We are sorry you are having such struggles, but perhaps the longer days and the warmth of spring will bring some relief and increased energy.

    You know that Spitty was appointed King by Glogirly? We aren't sure how the Princess will take that news, but her will teleport over soon to discuss it with her.

    Also, we think Katie will do her verreh best to carry on the traditions of kitty parties and adventures that the Princess and Admiral began. We should plan for a late-spring outing ;-) XOXOXO

  4. Just stopping in to say hello & send a few purrs your way! XOXOXO