Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Idea or Two

I am, the Princess Treasure, a proud member of Tau Lambda Alpha aka The Ladies of Autumn. It is a very august little sorority and I am glad I have joined. There have been occasions where mancats have tried to join us through nefarious means. It appears that the gatekeepers have been successful in rooting them out so far.

Today, while conferring with the PM, it came to mind that perhaps the men need their own group, an auxiliary organization. What do people think about 'The Boys of Autumn', Tau Beta Alpha or 'The Mencat of Autumn', Tau Mu Alpha? I think some of them might enjoy that and they could do boy things like have secret pawshakes and mottos. I wonder what the rest of the group will think.

I am also thinking of giving a reception for the Admiral and Nikita to celebrate their recent nuptials. Perhaps they would renew their vows for us? And, of course, TLA, my court and defensive personnel as well as all allies would be invited to attend.


  1. I will relay this to Nikita and with our thanks. xoxoxo

  2. Which are the usual Man Cats of Autumn? Mom and I are drawing a blankie.

  3. Would ginger mancats qualify as ManCats of Autumn? Or are the colors not quite right?

    A ceremony for all to attend with the Admiral and Nikita would be a fine event.

    I am just now surfacing from my near-week without proper internet. Thank you for you kind comments on my blog.