Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peaceful Realm

Things have been relatively peaceful in the Realm lately. Elul and the High Holidays have done us all some good.

The PM and Ringo had a heart to heart; he was feeling frustrated as he was not doing the scouting which he is famous for. The Prime Minister recognizes his valuable contributes to the Realm and now SAS Ringo goes with her on her rounds again. He has a special hidey-hole in the new royal carriage where he stays most of the time. Ringo says it is very cozy and he likes being in the middle of the action.

When the PM was down after her surgery, we had many cuddles and conversations accompanied by the gentlest of kisses, purrs, pets and bonks so soft they really shouldn't be called bonks. We reconnected on a deep level. Now, while I still allow her to proceed with her redecorating and art, she makes sure we take plenty of time to cuddle. We had a 'kissy Shabbat' today and the PM got a pic of me during that time, but she left her camera at home. She will have to post it later.

We are still having lovely fall days. The door was open most of the day, but I didn't go out. Sat in the door like the Admiral does when she gets some whiffies. There was alot of foot traffic today.

We are all so glad to see the Admiral looking so frisky and it seems all our other friends and allies doing well, too. We are very happy about that. And, Sir Spitfire, your Human was right, the PM does not miss her gall bladder at all. Confusing to me, but if she feels better, that is all that counts.


  1. HRH Treasure...please go purr right away for Pixie.

  2. And by the way, I was DELIGHTED that Ringo has his own special place in the Royal Carriage. That is indeed as it should be. SO glad that the PM is feeling completely better by now and we want to share the pictorial of your Kissy Shabbat.

    I have enjoyed my whiffies too. They haven't come to an end quite yet but that time is is much crisper in the day times than it used to be.